Professional Auditor and 990 Services (PA1)


This announcement is regarding the Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by the Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services. (“ECHOS”) Professional Audit and 990 Services. The Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services Board of Directors Finance Committee. has evaluated all the submitted proposals received, using the evaluation criteria identified in the RFP, and ECHOS is now announcing its conditional contract award to the following offeror:


Pittsford Samuels PLLC


The offeror above received the evaluation committee’s highest ranking(s), and the Board of Directors affirmed the team’s decision. ECHOS will be contacting the offeror soon to negotiate a contract. As provided in the RFP, the Notice of Conditional Contract Award is subject to execution of a written contract, and, as a result, this Notice does NOT constitute the formation of a contract between ECHOS and the successful offeror. The offeror shall not acquire any legal or equitable rights relative to the contract services until a contract containing terms and conditions acceptable to ECHOS is executed. ECHOS further reserves the right to cancel this Notice of Conditional Contract Award at any time before the execution of a written contract. This award decision is conditioned upon final approval by ECHOS review and the successful negotiation of contracts.


Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services (ECHOS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation soliciting proposals from qualified auditors registered to work in the state of Texas to provide professional audit and 990 services.

Preliminary Award Announcement Expected Friday afternoon, October 20, 2023


Audit and 990 RFP Q&A